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i'm nervous.

a lot of things are making me nervous this week.

  1. aaron's play is opening on friday (well, moreso excited than nervous)

  2. i might have to run 12 miles alone due to aforementioned play

  3. i saw pradeep in a speedo (pick-up artist)

  4. the same pradeep ended up winning the "day game" challenge (uh, ok)

  5. jessica is on the block (big brother 8)

  6. it's a double eviction week (omg)

  7. i gave a couple of my newly boyfriended friends "advice" based on words of wisdom from HEIDI'S MOM (the hills)

  8. they listened... (gulp)

yes. i watch too much TV. shut it. shut it up.


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s.knight said...

did ya hear when he told that girl the story about one of his father's patients...classic pdeep pimpin' right there