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too much hott.

the highlight of my long weekend, since you asked, was a ladies' trip to the southern most tip of the OC for a couple of days lounging around in bikinis, drinking fruity beverages, sneaking into hotel hot tubs after hours and having pajama pillow fights in our room. i might be kidding about that last part, or i may not. at any rate, a goodly part of of the weekend was spent with water whether at the beach, in the pool, in the shower or with an assortment of misting products. because, um, it was hotter than mutha effing Hades, b*tches.

SO, listen, mr or mrs sun (if that IS your real name), i think london is calling, i suggest you go visit and let us be for a minute. this is getting unbearable.

ps. summer is offically over. wah freaking wah.
pps. i don't want to admit that i actually thought i was going to san diego this weekend, but since i told way too many people i was, here goes: turns out DANA POINT is in the OC. the very southern tip, mindyou, but the OC nonetheless.
ppps. i hate OC people almost as much as i hate mall riffraff, but i love pools & beaches, so... it all worked out in the end. however, if i hear one more person say "killer," "nasty," "sick!" or "dude," i cannot be held personally reponsible for the public flogging that will occur upon said person(s).

k thx bai.


MD said...

You MUST not forget the overuse of "like."

Pretty Lush said...

I'm on the LA/OC border, but I claim my LA zip code like it's a dependent I can write off. OC is horribly portrayed on TV... but it's horribly accurate.