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so here's the thing.

most of you know that aaron is an actor. he's pretty much been a working actor for the past 8 years or so. but up until precisely one week ago, i wasn't able to actually tell anyone where to watch for him on TV. but that's all about to change seeing as he is finishing up filming a guest role on "monk" this week and will most likely be lining up a few more hot numbers as we speak.

so anyway, this got tenna thinking. we were working through a highly important work project wherein i was learning her how to create a target audience that would watch spoof movies, as we do here at my super important job. suddenly she wonders aloud, "OMG, what if all of a sudden you are the wife of a famous actor!?!? what will you do?" and, i pondered this question quietly as if it were the FIRST TIME I EVER THOUGHT OF SUCH A THING! indeed, when aaron becomes rich and famous for things other than owning a randy moss rookie card, what the christ will i do with myself.

what. what. what.

i've given it a whole bunch of minutes, nay, HOURS, of thought and this is what i've decided:

most likely, i will become a lady who lunches. and happy hours. and then dinners. i will flit about from the gym to fancy restaurants to yoga to shopping and then back to the gym when i dont fit in the size -2 clothes and then back to shopping and then back to fancy restaurants and then i will pass out in a pool of wine.

sounds awesome right?

i will also become vapid, shallow and pretty-to-look-at-but-not-much-for-conversation. i will spend all aaron's money on "enhancing" myself and buying lavish clothing so i can look good in the background of his red carpet photos. of which everyone will wonder, who is that hot piece of arm candy with aaron????? and then they will die of jealousy.

OR! maybe i will continue working at my super important job and continue my mission of "doing stuff" and "acting a fool." so basically...changing nothing.

at any rate.

thanks for making me ponder, ms. tenna. (and also thanks to clink for additional inspiration)


anon_in_norcal said...

Congratulations to Mr. Rubiquity on filming Monk! Let us know when it airs.

Please don't change a thing because We definitely don't need another Victoria Beckham in the world, that's for sure. We need more people like you to keep "acting a fool" 'cuz you make us LOL in our heads.

mnbird said...

Congratulations to Aaron for landing the role! How did the play go? Did I miss a blog about that? I thought I read he had a play opening soon.

When will Jason and Aaron work together so we can see them both doing their awesome acting at once?

By the way... I really enjoy reading your blogs. Are you a writer at your super important job or do you just brainstorm up stuff for others to do?

ruby said...

you guys know i was kidding about all of that right? RIGHT???

anyway - mnbird - thanks for asking about aaron's play. i will have to write that one up in the very near future. he's got one week left of performances and then he's done. and i agree, it's about damn time he & j work together on something cool!

mnbird said...

Of course we knew... or I did anyway. How could a super cool gal like you from Minnesota ever turn into one of those plastic Hollywood wife types? I just wouldn't believe it.

anon_in_norcal said...

I also knew were kidding about becoming Posh Spice #2.

But were you kidding about hubby being on Monk?

ruby said...

aaron really will be on monk! watch for him on the holiday episode!

Clink said...

I know you were kidding but, sigh, wouldn't it be nice? Like, maybe twice a week? No? Only me? Ok, fine.

anon_in_norcal said...

Cool! Now I can brag to people that I 'know' a girl from the internet who's husband is an actor and he's gonna be on Monk... I feel so extra special.

The Angry Georgian said...

Like you're not already pretty to look at?