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i'm a giver.

so here's your guide to the fall tv show premieres. consider it a gift, from the heavens above.

c/o the TV addict << clicksies.

ps. my most anticipated fall shows, in no particular order:
  1. private practice
  2. dexter
  3. heroes
  4. prison break
  5. survivor: china (remind me to BLARGH about this one, so sad)
  6. pushing daisies
  7. the office
  8. scrubs
  9. beauty & the geek



mnbird said...

Are you going to watch Private Practice because your sister in law is on the show or because you liked the little "pilot" they showed last season on Grey's before your sister in law was on the show?

ruby said...

i am going to be watching for BOTH reasons!

mnbird said...

I am glad to see I am not the only TV junkie out there these days. I am torn between what show to watch in that time slot.