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just what i needed. more teevee.

it's always a tricky situation when you are watching a new tv show that someone you happen to be related to is in. same with plays, movies, etc. -- of which i've seen a lot of, lately.

however, in the case of private practice, i loved the show so much that i was actually quite quite excited to watch the premiere with my lovely sister-in-law. the show was better than i could have expected, i truly loved it.

[it should be noted that i've never been a grey's anatomy fan, so i had nothing to compare this to...]

afterwards, we stuck around for the premiere of dirty, sexy money, and HELLOOOO AWESOME TOWN, this show was the squirrel's nuts. SO good! who knew? i don't know, maybe ABC.

so to summarize, i do believe wednesday night ABC TV has won a space on my must-see list. giddy-up.

oh, and ps. private practice KILLED in the ratings, especially among the fairer sex. >> 'Practice,' 'Bionic' Start Strong; ABC wins Wednesday as new series have solid debuts

take that, suckers.


MD said...

I'm usually wary of new tv shows b/c despite how awesome I think they may be, tv networks will cancel 75 % of 'em! said...

I like Grey's Anatomy so I was excited to see Private Practice. I was really impressed and happy the show turned out to be good.

Funny story, my sister called me during the first commercial break and said, "I have a new favorite show! That girl who plays the bitch is a good bitch... I gotta go it's back on." She basically hung up on me when it came back on. said...

I forgot, you're so right about dirty, sexy, money! I wasn't going to watch it, but I'm I did. Total guilty pleasure.

mnbird said...

So I finally got around to watching Dirty Sexy Money and I have to say, I liked it. Also I had recorded Life and that was also very good.

I am sorry to say that I did not see Private Practice. I am glad you liked it. Maybe I will catch it sometime in the future.

hotpants said...

i know the girl who plays the younger sister on bionic woman. very sweet indeed to see someone you know on tv.