stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


it's national blogging month, something or other.

so here begins the attempt to post one-a-day for a monthski.

today's entry is brought to you by douche-duds. you may be asking yourself, what, pray you, are DOUCHE-DUDS, ruby? pray tell!?

aaron and i decided, whilst watching a douche walk by us on la cienega / beverly today with designer duds on, that we shall hereforth call such duds by the name from which they originate. because, it causes us great pondering. when we see dudes dressed from HEAD to TOE in OBNOXIOUS designer clothes (aka ED HARDY) that there are a few things going on.

1. if this dude is wearing designer clothes, he has money
2. a dude with money likes to show off
3. an unintelligent dude with money might think wearing obnoxious, but obviously expensive, clothing will make "a statement"
4. this dude is a douche.

henceforth, DOUCHE DUDS.

ya heard?


The Angry Georgian said...

Looks like I've already failed. I'm doing it in "the other place" though. :)

Bird said...

Too bad you didn't have a picture to go along with this.

Anonymous said...

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