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  • 20 year ago I first laid eyes on him. I was in 6th grade, he was in 5th.
  • 18 years ago we had our first date and remained together for a turmultous couple of weeks. I broke up with him, but we got back together a few months later, and and stayed together through the summer of '90. but then I broke up with him again when I became a high school freshman. he was in 8th grade.
  • 17 years ago he became a high school freshman and I worked for months to convince him to give me "one more chance." on Decemeber 11, 1991 at midnight, he FINALLY gave in, and we made it "official." I promised I would never break up with him again.
  • 13 years ago we took a 3-month "break" when I was a college freshman and he was a senior in high school. but we quickly realized we were meant to be together and resumed our 4- year relationship. (ps I kept my promise - he did the "break" this time)
  • 10 years ago he moved to California, while I stayed in MN. But he came back to visit for the holiday break, and he proposed to me at the strike of midnight as we welcomed in 1999. I moved to LA a few months later.
  • 8 years ago (on this date) we made our love official in front of our nearest & dearest in Palm Springs, CA.


It's been an amazing ride, and I'm still so proud and happy to call the same person I call my best friend, my husband.

Happy Anniversary, Love!


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rockinraquel said...

Happy Anniversary! I love you two so much!!

jiggins said...

This is really great. The time line here is very cool to see. Congratulations and thank you for sharing that. Is that your actual wedding photo?

ruby said...

yep - actual photo! :)