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this one is for my pants, ya'll

dear my pants,

prepare to get yourselves ROCKED! normally you only have to deal with one Turkey Day per year. but this year, my tight little friends, you GET TWO! oh yes.

the traditional turkey day will take place, appropriately, in the midwest. it is there that i will dine on delectable midwestern fare which undoubtedly will have to include meat, potatoes, starch and fat.

THEN! we will whisk ourselves back to LA on friday and we will do part deux, courtesy of the wonderful in-laws. this feast will probably have less potatoes, starch and fat, but it will probably include more chocolate, wine and gamey animals than you can shake a fist at.

ahhh, my belly is growling in anxious anticipation.

so hey pants, i suggest you install a belly expansion panel. cuz, uh, you're going to need it to contain the beast formerly known as my belly. yeah, i said that.

stay strong!


1 comment:

adventure grrl said...

In situations like this... drawstring pants are your friends!!!!!

Ooooo... I've got to get a pair that looks dressy and go with boots.