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today we experience a cool, sad and random event: an open-urn memorial service for a dog.
the dog being celebrated was jackie, the dog who belonged to the owner of our little mom 'n' pop pet store.

it was cool because it we got to know some of our dog-loving neighbors on a different level. it was cool because the pet store owner hasn't been "OK" in the two weeks since her best friend passed. but today, she was so full of gratitude and she felt so loved. it was cool because we UNDERSTOOD what it's like to lose a furry friend, and how important it is to celebrate that life.

it was sad, because, hello.

it was random because how many dog memorial services have you been to? i'm guessing none. also? she made gingerbread cookies in the shape of her dog, and she made them in the shape of a "J," for jackie. also? an open-urn? unreal, but she is so quirky and adorable that it was OK. she also served wine and cheese. chips and dip. and of course, treats for four-legged friends that she made herself. i died of teh cute.

and now? we are about to leave for the airport with our little furry friends. it's mu's first plane trip and for cosette, it's probably her 10th.

i'm really just SO grateful to have them.

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The Angry Georgian said...

Sounds pretty cool, but a little weird at the same time.
Have fun on your trip!