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I'm a winner

Last Thursday I took part in one of the most awesomest experiences of my life: The Hall & Partners Charity Treasure Hunt. Our company actually sent two teams this year – we were the “’Vestigators” and the other team was “The Drunken Hellfish.”

The event was described to us as “the Amazing Race” meets “Road Rules,” but it only takes place in one location. Last year it was Venice Beach, this year it was the streets of Hollywood.

To get an idea of what it was like, check out this photostream from one of the teams here

If you know me AT ALL, then you know how much I want to be on Survivor and/or the Amazing Race. But since neither of those audition attempts have panned out, this was the Next Best Thing. And the best thing about a huge puzzle-solving race?


I am pleased to report that this year’s race winner was THE VESTIGATORS. We ran a tough race and were in 3rd place for most of the event. However, we pulled through in the end with a little luck, grit and sheer perseverance and were, therefore, declared the winners.

Yes, it does feel good to be the best.


And here was our logo:

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The Angry Georgian said...

The 'vestigators can't be the best without the best! You the best!