stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


oh about that blog-a-day thing..

i totally effin forgot to write yesterday, even though i composed 4 or 5 different ideas throughout the day yesterday IN MY MIND.


well anyway, mostly it would have been something about HEY THE VIKES BEAT THE PACKERS THE SAME WEEK THE BLACK GUY BEAT THE WHITE GUY. so next up> FLYING PIGS! AWESOME!

in other news.

i started my new job today. i have an awesome view of the observatory AND downtown los angeles. apparently, when there are fires, i also have an excellent view of those. woo! i also have a DIRECTOR title and blahblahblah.

anyway, i have to go now. but uh, see you tomorrow? same place, same time-ish.



The Angry Georgian said...

Must post pics of the view!

rockinraquel said...

congrats to you and your new job!! the vikes rock and yeah we did win but it was kinda messy! we'll take it tho!!
btw--we will see what the 'black guy' will do for us!
it will definitely be interesting!!!