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dear The Future,

you is looking good, dawg. lookin real bright. i cannot wait to see what you bring.

dear the fires of socal,

please you can stop burning now. your ashes, not so much good for the complexion or lungs. also? my eyes are burning. so maybes you can die, mutha f*ckers. it's been real, but your time? it's over. no one likes a you.

dear northwest airlines,

thanks for allowing both of my ridiculous french bulldogs to fly the friendly skies. maybe you can think about not charging camus as much as a human, because he ONLY WEIGHS 33 POUNDS. that's like, a large baby. but he has to fly IN THE LUGGAGE area, mmkay? cut a dawg a break.

dear mr daniel craig,

well done, sir. you make an amazing Bond. although this movie wasn't one of the best i've ever seen, it was still fun. and i'm all about fun.

dear upcoming half marathon,

please be kind to my knee(s). kthxbye.

dear new job,

thanks for making me feel like a REAL ADULT. i am equally overwhelmed and excited about the responsibilities i now have, but we all now that fear is a powerful motivator for awesomeness. so, thanks, yo.

dear aaron,

you're adorable. love you long time.

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