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smoke hangs heavy in the air. it's unseasonably hot in los angeles, or maybe it just seems like this weather SHOULD be too hot for this time of year.

one cannot be sure.

in the past week i've donned big girl britches in a way i don't think i've ever done before. i feel like i'm changing, as much as i feel the world around me is changing.

paradigms seem to be shifting everyday. nothing seems concrete. and frankly, nothing needs to feel that way.

the same way that flames are burning all around us in los angeles, the flames are being fanned internally. some of those changes are going to be everlasting in ways i still cannot fathom.

but one thing rings true throughout:

i'm excited.

i'm feeling a renewed sense of optimism. i feel like my perspective is malleable, but not in a bad way. and nothing seems bad about any of this.

so i choose to revel in it.


jiggins said...

If you are able to recognize the change and be witness to what is actually happening in your world.. I'd say you are 10 steps a head and in good shape. Nothing is concrete.. the World is changing for sure. It's our lives to dream into. Do your best to stay positive and aware of what is going on. Ask and you will receive. :) Good post.

T said...

I am SO happy to, well, hear how you happy you are! When change is good, it can be so exciting. And ps, you have totally inspired me!