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i have to say.

so mostly, today was a good day.

i had a great client meeting (my first at the new job! very exciting!) in the morning.

lunch was some tofu over brown rice with a rich thick tahini sauce or somesuch. so good that i drank the remains of the container once i had thoroughly drenched the veggies and tofu with it. delish.

then, i interviewed a potential analyst for "my team." she was effin whip smart and totally cool. great first candidate.

then i pulled together a bunch of powerpoint slides for a lunch meeting at a prestigious talent agency tomorrow. my boss only had a few tweaks, which was totally refreshing.

then! i went to grab my car keys from the valet in our parking structure, and they were, um, how you say, MISSING. after a very in-depth and thorough investigation, turns out the P5 valet dude had "accidentally" taken my keys home with him. so i had to wait upwards of 45 minutes for him to come back. so that was fun.

then i got to catch up on lipstick jungle, gossip girl and priveleged because aaron had a production meeting.

when he finally came home, he came bearing chicken wings and pinot grigio. um, hello, it doesn't get ANY better than that.

and now, we're finishing up fringe and tomorrow i am working from home for half the day and then going to a fancy lunch meeting.

not bad i say. not bad at all.


jiggins said...

Sounds productive and straightforward. Good 'ol days like this. You sound positive as well.. that is gonna get you everywhere. Have a great week!

rockinraquel said...

awesome times! to make it even better, you get to come see my rockin' ass for some yummy turkey next week!