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it's what the cool kids are doin'

I woke up anxious, and for a minute I forgot why. But as I looked outside and saw the sun shining brightly on glistening drops of an earlier rain shower, I smiled and thought: IT'S VOTING TIME!

But since I was up earlier than normal, I may look like I was a bit irritated. Don't be fooled! I AM EXCITED!

I kind of feel like blowing off the rest of the day and sitting in front of a large TV tuned to CNN, eating popcorn and drinking sauvignon blanc.
but alas, no.
I will, however, try to force myself into the gym so I can obsess over the results whilst on a treadmill.

and THEN do the sauv blanc/popcorn/couch thing. ya heard?

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The Angry Georgian said...

Looks like that voting took a lot out of you. Have a glass of wine on me!