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god is so gangster!

i can't decide if Big Brother 8's jameka had the all-time best rationale for having strong faith, or the worst. After being selected to play for Power of Veto, jameka runs around the house telling everyone that she is going to play for Jen, since Jen picked her name. her faith in God leads her to believe that this happened for a reason, and it would be a bad idea to go against God's plan. um. OK. but as she's explaining her rationale to amber, she lets this little beauty fly:

"God is so gangster; that's what I love about him."

All this time I thought God was something totally different. Now that I know he's gangster, well, i mean, there's nothing left to do but worship his High Gangsterness.

more on what went down in last night's episode click -> Jameka: “God has already ordained who is going to win” Big Brother 8


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