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big brother is messing with my mind.

what i'm loving about this season of big brother is that i don't particularly like any one person. in fact, my emotional investment purely revolves around varying degrees of dislike. i think every single person left in the house has been on my sh*t list at least once so far this season, so my motivation for whomever i want nominated/evicted etc. is all motivated by not liking one person less than i don't like another person.

for example! at many points throughout the season, i've totally been over dick. but then, the dustin/amber/jameka alliance became so obnoxious that if it didn't break up soon, i was going to vomit all over myself. therefore, dick became the anti-hero and when he won POV, i LEPT out of my seat and did some weird arm-pumping motions that, when interpreted, meant "YESSSSS."

ok, and now that dustin has been evicted, i'm all of a sudden noticing that i WANT eric to win HoH, because suddenly he's at the bottom of my least-liked list. but normally, eric's weird twitching and weaseling totally eeks me out. but now? i kind of want to see him and jess (whom i COULDN'T STAND for like, the first two weeks) hook it up, you know? (you totally do too)

i feel sort of crazy when i watch it. which, of course, i like. but i have to admit, my addiction is definitely a problem. i'm almost embarrassed to admit to my co-workers that i maybe, possibly watch 12 hours of BB footage a week. i wish i was lying. but even stranger is my need to tell people about my problem. it's almost like i'm proud of the fact that i see more hours of BB8 than i see of the sun.

but don't kid yourself. i won't be checking into BB8aholics anonymous anytime soon.

it feels good to be bad.

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FSA said...

I'm totally the same way with BB. It's insanely creepy. I damn well know it. I don't stop watching.