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Costume Watch: Early Halloween Trends
By Erik Gunther
Fri, August 10, 2007, 8:06 pm PDT

To plan the proper
costume for Halloween, you need to get an early jump. Anyone dude can buy a pirate costume and any chick can throw together a fairy costume by October 31. But not you. You want something trendy, unique, and in tune with the times.

Halloween devotees are already busy searching on the outfits you'll spy around the punch bowl on All Hallow's Eve. In that ghoulish spirit, we checked out the Search data for the hottest new costume ideas. It's only August, but here are the top 20...

  1. Hannah Montana Costume
  2. Spartan 300 Costume
  3. High School Musical Costumes
  4. Transformers Costumes
  5. Optimus Prime Costumes
  6. Naruto Costumes
  7. Hairspray Costumes
  8. Venom Costume
  9. Halo Master Chief Costume
  10. Underdog Costume
  11. Black Spider-Man Costume
  12. Hermione Costume
  13. Ghost Rider Costume
  14. Bellatrix Lestrange Costume
  15. Queen Gorgo Costume
  16. Murloc Costumes
  17. Leonidas Costume
  18. World of Warcraft Costumes
  19. Elizabeth Swann Costume
  20. Sharpay Costume

Final notes on early costume trends...

—Our list is dominated by movie-inspired get-ups. But "300" rules all. Expect to see half of Sparta marching to your doorstep in search of candy.

—Popular video game World of Warcraft made its presence felt at #16 and #18.

—Disney continues its stranglehold on the hearts and minds of the nation's youth. After last year's frilly princesses and creepy Jack Sparrows are packed away, here come High School Musical and Hannah Montana for even more dress-up inspiration.

yeah yeah yeah, you're welcome.


Pretty Lush said...

omg, omg, omg it's almost Halloweeeeen!

s.knight said...

hermione's it is...done and done