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here comes a sucker.

my post-run* saturday was a particularly productive day, as evidenced by the awesome blog posts i scraped together for your reading enjoyment. in fact, it was so productive that i managed to watch 3 solid hours of big brother after dark, read approx. 18 big brother blogs, take a nap, eat some delicious boxed thai food and then! only then! was i able to actually leave my house to amble over to the hole-in-the-wall nail joint 1.5 blocks away from my house.

i haven't been to this particular fine establishment in about a year, and i guess a lot can happen in 365 days. they had added some pretty impressive new amenities. such as! massage chairs! people magazines from the current calendar year! a flat screen tv with cable access! etc! also! whilst getting my nails did, the kindly korean lady asked if i wanted her to massage my road-weary feets and calves longer. um, hellz yeah i did! so she went about 10 minutes longer than usual as i sunk into a state of zen-like nirvana.

at the end of it all, i floated over to the old-time ATM to take out some cash to pay for what i thought would be a $12 pedicure, and hey! you know what? it's actually $28, please. uh. i guess that's why she specifically asked if i wanted to sit in the massage chair vs. the regular chair and then that's why she specifcally told me that the 10-minute extra massage would actually be "ten dollah" more. maybe that's why they said top secret things about me in korean and then giggled about it way longer than they should have. (giggled all the way to the bank, sucker!)

i guess the old adage still holds true. there's no such thing as a free korean massage.

and/or maybe i should leave my "here comes a sucker" t-shirt at home next time i pony up to get my nails did.

*ps. i did actually run 1o miles and then go to the gym for a half hour to work on my fitness before morphing into a couch blob, just so you know.

scene of the crime:


rockinraquel said...

argh. i hate spendy upgrades.

Pretty Lush said...

They've tried to sucker my four-year-old into wanting 'design' so I will have to pay at the end. What kid is going to turn down 'buttahfly'? It's infuriating.

c-kat said...

Wow. That works out to 1$ a minute. Who knew there was so much money to be made at hole in the wall nail joints.