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turn 'em straight.

so my friend tony is in town visiting from london for a few weeks on "holiday" or whatever they like to call it across the pond. he's here with his "housemate," who i think calls himself al or alex or allan or karl, but because i forgot his name within .03 seconds of meeting him, i just pointed at him all night and called him "he" or "you" when i needed to address him.

anyway, so they are traveling to san fran on the "road trip to end all road trips" and since they are a couple of dudes, and they are going to be visiting such places as the "madonna(r) inn" and some wineries etc. in santa barbara along the way, the figure they will often get mistaken for being a gay couple (which they are not, actually, they are just european, you know).

so aaron, wise one that he is, recommends that they "use it to their advantage." i chime in "yes! you can just say that you are gay, but are looking to find the right girl to 'turn you straight.' girls love that shit." and as i type this now, i realize that about 1.2 million single "girls" would probably love to kill me for that comment.

so, um, sorry.

but ANYWAY, it was super funny, like, if you were there.

(ps, tony and al? are totally single and looking to mingle if anyone is interested in some british cavorting)


Pretty Lush said...

I wouldn't let them leave on that roadtrip. I would make them stay and talk to me nonstop. I just get such a kick out of those accents.

Still Born said...

this one is ALWAYS looking for british cavorting.

Dori said...

I just stayed at the madonna inn a couple of weeks ago. It was a great load of fun. Also, the most drunk I've been in a really, really long time.

On Saturday night, old couples hit the dance floor to sway to a swing band. Rather than sit by and watch how it was done, J dragged me out onto the dance floor nearly knocking me over in my tottering heels. It only got worse when he tried to dip me... Ahhhh good times...