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heidi montag can "sing"?

weirdly and unexpectedly, i found myself listening to the debut single from heidi (from the hills) (featuring spencer (p)ratt rapping)

here's a little summary of how that all turned out

ruby: kiss premieres heidi's first single
tenna: HA! I heard that this morning!!!
ruby: ahh ahahah
ruby: i liked it despite myself (in spite of myself?)
tenna: are you rocking out to it over it there>
ruby: a little bit
ruby: boydddyyyyy lannnnguuuuageeee
tenna: it is super catchy
tenna: especially when Spencer sees the pearl, Heidi, his girl
ruby: oh no he didn't
tenna: oh, yes, yes he did

anyway, i found it on this morning, but this afternoon, here comes the disclamer (VIA

The song we posted earlier this morning is not Heidi Montag’s first single, sources reveal exclusively to

The Hills star is furious that Ryan Seacrest played the song on his radio show Thursday morning and she has been crying all morning.

But, it’s not Ryan’s fault, sources tell us.

“The record company leaked the track,” an insider reveals. “Spencer and Heidi were just having fun in the studio and working on songs. That was not meant to be released. Spencer would never rap on Heidi’s first single.”

Either way, this will get the buxom blonde some attention.

With the right producers, she could churn out some hot pop tunes.

I'm surprised i'm even admitting i listened to it, rocked out a little to it and, NOW? i'm "following the saga."

I need some help, people.

ps. i do think it's fun and catchy.

pps. i know.

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