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"sticking it" to the iMan

last night, post-happy hour, aaron, his brother and i started debating the various pros and cons of macs vs. PCs, like, for the millionth time. the thing is, aaron used to be a mac guy, then i converted him back to PC, and now his entire family is going mac all over the place and aaron is currently straddling the mac/PC line, literally. in his home office sits a gigantic toshiba laptop and in the living room on the coffee table (because it is ever so pretty) sits a sleek black mac. i don't know what kind it is. i pretend to hate it.

[except when we play with the photo booth and iChat with his brother whilst in korea, then i love it the most.]

as of the last two weeks or so, aaron and i seem to be the only people in his family without the stupid iphones. and i say stupid in the most affectionate way because, well, if someone were to GIVE me one, like for free, i would be in total and utter love with it. but because i misplaced the $499 i had lying around, i am unable, at the moment, to own such a frivouous (albeit pretty amazing) piece of crap.

so anyway! because i pretend (verrrry effectively, i might add) to hate most things that start with "i," i was weirdly excited when i read that someone had managed to UNLOCK the iPhone so that they could use tmobile instead of at&t. the funny thing is? only at&t actually suffers from this seemingly miraculous development. but the fact that SOMEONE HACKED THE IPHONE makes me giggle with weird, creepy glee.

you too? awesome.

"totally hott" dude makes history

"look ma, i hacked it"
"which of you ladies wants me to 'unlock' your heart?"
"so much for modeling. hacking, here i come!"
"i'm awesome!!"


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c-kat said...

Too funny. So if it comes down to a mac/PC war, which one of you will win?