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sometimes, i cross the line.

in almost every work "brainstorm" conversation i have, there is an inevitable "pushing of the envelope" dynamic that occurs wherein we all toe the line, push it a little, toe a little more and then, always, someone will go too far. it usually isn't me, (seeing as i am 100% class), but! i might have been that person today, when i realized this was actually coming out of my mouth,

"ooh! i know! why don't we have abigail breslin pose nude for playboy, it would be totally unexpected and i was thinking she probably looks good naked..." and then, suddenly, then i was the only person left in the room to ponder the ramifications of such a thing.

OBVIOUSLY it was a joke.

but still.

yeah. sorry about that abigail. no, really.


anon_in_norcal said...

What a 'yogurt top'! And I mean that as a term of endearment, girly. :)

P.S. I've been wanting to call someone that all summer and your story just fits the bill. ;)

P.P.S If you want to know what it means, search for it on YouTube and you'll know where I got it from. Hee hee.

rmp said...

LOL, OMG... I usually have crass one liners, but I don't know if I would have said that. Well done, madam! Well done!