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LOL. shut your face.

the thing about LOL, is that it's kind of usually a lie. how many times have you typed LOL with just a smirk on your face, or, better yet, without even so much as a smile? you know? so are you actually LOLing? can anyone ACTUALLY hear you laughing? or is it just a LOL in YOUR MIND. ponder that, my b*tches.

i actually stopped using LOL awhile ago, when i realized i was more than ten years old. should a women of my *ahem* maturity and sophistication REALLY be using acronyms to describe my feelings about something? and, if so, shouldn't they more accurately reflect how i'm actually feeling? maybe i'm not so much laughing at loud as i am "cringing at the bad joke you just made" or CATBJYJM. or somesuch.

i didn't really want to go on a tangent about LOLing. what i really wanted to do is show you something that ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud. a site called odeee put together a list of 15 unfortunately placed ads such as this:

you really should check out the whole list. then, you too can have people wandering into your office to see what all the "fuss" is about. it's good stuff i tell you. and i don't LOL as a courtesy.

beleeeev dat.

ps. i'm going to hell for laughing at this, aren't i?

2 comments: said...

beleeeeeeeeev dis....

Ms. Rubiquity, you're definitely going to hell. LOLIMH! ;) ;)

The Nestle ad is funny.

hotpants said...

the cat & jesus one was pretty funny. i lol'ed.