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sometimes i know things about myself. and when i said to myself, "self, we are going to love this new show called the flight of the conchords," i was telling myself some damn truths.

(ps. lying to oneself is utterly pointless. selves always know. about selves.)

it's the kind of show you watch and sometimes forget to laugh because you are so enamored by the pure genius of it all. and then you find yourself giggling uncontrollably. maybe not because of the genius, but because you think to yourself, holy shit, i could have come up with that. not because i am that funny in general, but i am THAT FUNNY to myself. mySELF thinks I am HILAR.

which, is definitely a debatable topic, but for our purposes here in this super public forum, let's just say i am my biggest fan and leave it at that. unless you want to debate my hilarity. well, then, by all means.....feel free.

SO! as i was saying...

"self..... howz about another glass o' chardonnay? "

"dude, you're so brilliant it hurts ourselves."


anon_in_norcal said...

There's no debating with me 'cuz you know I think you is totally hilarious. ;)

Pretty Lush said...

I downloaded a lot of their (effing hilarious) songs back in the day, but the show just didn't do it for me. I am however strangely (and almost loathe to admit) attracted to the one with glasses.

m.sizzle said...

two words: conchords me