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it's NOT that weird to go into my home bathroom and see that my lovely husband has forgotten to put the toilet seat down.

it's NOT that weird to fall ass-over-teacups into said toilet in the middle of the night when i have inadvertantly forgotten to look behind me in a sleepy fog-like haze.

(it IS pretty startling)

HOWEVER! it IS weird to walk into the women's bathroom at work as i did just now and see the toilet seat curiously in the "up" position. you just have to wonder what just went down.

or not.

i prefer ignorant bliss most of the time.


Wildebeast said...

I'm really hoping the toilet was just cleaned. If not...Yeah, I don't know.

hotpants said...

i somehow knew where you were going with this.

rockinraquel said...

oh sorry...that was me. i thought i would fall ass-over-teacups for the helluvit...he he

The Angry Georgian said...


Pretty Lush said...

Perhaps a freakishly large ass?