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whiteboyz is funneh.

last night our friend bart performed a set as part of the whiteboy comedy lineup at room 5. bart was awesome, of course, but the show in general was effing hilarious!

perhaps, maybe, i hurt myself laughing once, or twice. or more.

randomly, we finally "officially" met our neighbor from across the street, you know, the one with the super cute pug. he even gave aaron a shout-out during his set. and, well, he was effing funny, which was a relief. it would have been awkward to see him walking the dog after that and have to be like, damn, he is not funny.

but he is! so yay. you can check him out here: kristian

so if you're in LA and you find yourself trolling for some good times on a thursday night, i highly recommend you check out the goods at room 5. tell them RUBY sent ya. they won't do anything nice or extravagant for you, but i like it when people drop my name for no good reason.


Pretty Lush said...

Room 5, huh? Never heard of it, but I might need to investigate.

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