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my dog = cooler than your dog

i didn't feed my dog this morning so that she would weigh less at her certification exam at the vet today.

cosette's getting certified to fly!

you thought i meant she was getting her pilot's license, didn't you? you're silly!!

actually, she's going to fly on a plane, in the main cabin, to minneapolis.

and, actually, they have a weight limit of 10 lbs. for pets flying in the main cabin. so they can, you know, fit under the seat.

cosette, however, tops out around 17-18 lbs. depending on the day she's having and how active her little bum is in the morning. i like it when she weighs 18, because then i just change the "8" to a "0" on her flying certification deal and no one is the wiser. however, i prefer her to weigh17 because then she's easier to carry and such. anyway, she's an old pro at this. i give her half a sedative about an hour before we fly, she passes the eff out and good times ensue from there on out.

awesome town.

2 comments: said...

Such a cute picture!

rockinraquel said...

you forgot to mention that after she passes the eff out, she snores like a bear :) i luvs her! i can't wait to see you :)