stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


sharks, jumping; making babies; etc.

  • now that's what i call jumping the shark <<-- click
  • this made me almost spit out my chardonnay. my carpe diem chardonnay at that. -->> totes hilar
  • i made a baby boy and since that turned out so good i made a baby girl. aaron was like, what, is that a birth control site?
  • exactly.
  • where not to park -->> here
  • if you watch the real world/road rules inferno challenge show, and you watched the last episode, please click here for a recap that almost made me want to slap somebody (in a good way, ya'll!)
  • even if you don't watch the aforementioned show, click that linker up there anyoldway. obviously, you're bored if you're here.

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rockinraquel said...

awwww, your babies are going to be so cute (what happened to the little girl's head? he he)