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in order for things to rock, other things must suck.

sadly, i watched pirate master last night and was 95% disappointed. that doesn't mean i will stop watching, but it does mean im not really going to look forward to or enjoy it. totally a lame low rent version of survivor. however, it does make me want to be a pirate more than i already wanted to. pirates are cool.


on a positive note, i discovered traveler and i'm pretty much 100% emotionally invested after taking a ride through the pilot. i can't wait to see the "season premiere" episode which is waiting patiently on my tivo as we speak. awesome town.

other than that, hey, it's friday. smile!


s.knight said...

if you say its not good then its not good, simple as that...not gonna watch it...thanks for taking one for the team

Anonymous said...

I don't know. 95% is pretty high. said...

Oh no! A low rent version of Survivor? Eh, I'll still check it out.

hotpants said...

I meant to TiVo Traveler. Oops!