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building bridges.



i'm not sure what happened to me today. i showed up for a team-building off-site extravaganza at 8:30a today with SF red bull running through my veins. we did some personality profiling, created some protocol and solutions items and then built an amazing bridge, literally, out of rubber bands, plastic cups and tons of crepe paper.. also, tin foil, paper plates and paper clips. and listen! listen closely. our bridge held over 55 lbs of heavy weight while the other team's bridge only withstood 15 lbs. BUT THEY STILL WON. on beauty and creativity.


it was an upset the likes of which i haven't seen since the hills' spencer beat out freaking lauren LC conrad for freaking heidi's heart and friendship. SPENCER!??


i somehow ended up swapping secret stories over basiltinis at the intercontinental hotel with some of my favorite co-workers.

that, my friends, is evidence of a 100% successful team-buliding extravaganza.

tomorrow we are leaving work early to go see a movie and next week we somehow finagled w, th, and fri off even though we are only supposed to have 1/2 of tues. and wed. off. go figure.

have i mentioned lately that I LOVE MY JOB?

well. i do.


Maddy said...

You were robbed! What kind of poop is that - a bridge that only holds 27% of the weight that yours does wins?

Whatevs I say.

Your job sounds awesome.

rockinraquel said...

i would demand a revote

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of high school. We used to build bridges out of balsa wood.

wildebeast said...

well, i think you guys should have known that support means diddly-shiz when it comes to bridges. they are meant to be admired for what they look like, just like everything else in the world.

but i think you should have won. those crazies.