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f-o-o-d me

initially, i was really excited to watch hell's kitchen. and by "excited" i mean "morbidly curious." but as i was doing my gym-procrastionation dance, i stumbled across top chef reruns on bravo. i watched one. then two. and suddenly i was sucked into a world of deliciousness the likes of which i have never really known. the new season officially starts tomorrow night, and i haven't been this anxious with hunger, well, ever.

that didn't stop me from watching hell's kitchen when i finally returned from the gym at the ridiculous hour of nearly 10pm.

so the show was best described as a train wreck. we had aaron passing out with his eyes open, girls walking around in their underwear , roe getting squeezed out of roe-holes, disabled eddie getting made fun of (is he disabled? im still not sure) and aaron sweating in the Dover sole. it was gross, gross and more gross.

at the end of the day, a shocking nomination that DIDN'T include the one guy who might actually keel over dead any minute now transpired. and then my friend eddie was kicked to the curb.

goodbye eddie, we hardly knew ye.

ps. gordon ramsey is mean to little people. why does this NOT make me hate him?

next week: deadly incompetence, tears.


Maddy said...

I can't bear to sit through Hell's Kitchen. I love Top Chef it is the second best reality cmpetition on Bravo (um, of course PRoject Runway being the best).

s.knight said...

you are really upping your game in your choice of pictures...

RMP said...

If Chef Ramsey ever shoved me I would kick his ass... said...

Chef Ramsey needs to take several chill pills.