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running crazy.

assuming my friend can definitely get me an entry bib, i do believe i just commited to running the NYC marathon.

my eighteen week training schedule officially starts on monday 7/2.

i logged 7.7 miles today. only 18.5 less than an actual marathon.

holy shit.

additionally, i am planning to jump out of a plane this summer.

crazy, much?


wildebeast said...

Jumping out of a plane was awesome. I'd rather jump out of a plane again than run a marathon. Since you're doing both, you're kinda really awesome.

Maddy said...

Cool! I have done before and will do again one of those things. The other I may never do but applaud you. Also - yay you will be in NY!

Boyfriend and I signed up to run a 5k that ends at home plate in Shea Stadium - so that's almost as awesome (not really)

Yay for you, crzy person!

Maddy said...

I jumped out of a plane about 7 years ago. It was AWESOME!! As soon as I landed I wanted to do it again - even though about 7 minutes before when I was leaving the plane my brain went "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! YEARGGHH!"

I want to do it again - maybe for my birthday this year.

I suggest everyone that can jump out of a plane should do it - especially if you are strapped to someone's chest and don't have to do anything but enjoy the ride.

rockinraquel said...

wow! i would love to do that (jump out of a plane, not run a marathon--i aint that crazy)