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you stink!

well it’s no secret that i think mookie is a few cards short of a full deck. but i guess i also underestimated the relative ignorance of dreamz. or is it brilliance? i really can’t tell. however, the “four horsemen” might have to go down as simply the worst alliance EVER.

in the aftermath of tribal council, mookie is yelling at dreamz for “screwing them both.” but if i remember correctly, it was mookie who voted against the alliance, right? so i get completely lost in his logic. um...huh?

the reward challenge reveals that yau is universally loved, that no one would invite boo over for dinner, and that everyone hates stacy and thinks she smells bad. and also? they never want to see her again after they leave the island. awesome.

cassandra wins by answering every single question correctly, so she takes dreamz, boo and yau on a magical mystery yacht ride with her and sends MOOKIE to exile (hee). earl? gets to stay home and baby-sit the remaining horsemen, apparently. poor earl.

yau and cassandra work on luring dreamz and boo to the dark side, but can see “in their eyes” that they aren’t 100% in. and this is: NOTED. with a capital N. back at camp, dreamz reveals to NON-four horsemen that mookie is going to slip alex the immunity idol so they should counter act this measure by voting for mookie. since dreamz is not so much “good” in the “manipulation department,” as he walks away stacy suggests they counter act the counter action and vote EDGARDO. it seems brilliant, but yet i wonder how stacy all of a sudden became “smart” and “trustworthy.” i missed the part how they went from hating her to having her in their alliance. hm.

anyway, the plan actually works brilliantly and edgardo is COMPLETELY shocked, alex is severely saddened (and now? IDOL-LESS) and mookie looks and feels dumber than ever, if that’s even possible. sorry fellas. rocky and michelle are loving it on the sidelines, however. hee.

oh, and i forgot to mention that OF COURSE yau man wins the endurance challenge. i mean, come on, it’s YAU. (pay up, aaron.)

next week: dreamz attempts to back pedal. yau’s idol is compromised. alex still mistakenly thinks he is running this game. love this show.

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s.knights said...

that was the best, it had everything in that episode! brilliant, just brilliant...

my favorite part, and something ive never seen before on this show, was during tribal council when EVERYONE had a smurk on their face thinking they outsmarted each other at some point during the votes being read...

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