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omg! no way!

**pussycat dolls finale spoiler**

ps. PCD = pussycat dolls. justsoyaknow.

like, OMG, can you believe that asia is going to be the next PCD? that is so crazeeeee!

i, like, TOTES knew it wasn't going to be chelsea. she totally doesn't have any flavor in her dance moves, you know? and i guess she can sing and whatever, but the PCD don't "do" awkward, and chelsea is awkward personfied. LOL!! LOL!!!!

we (aaron) had our money on melissa r., she was the BEST, IMHO, but i guess, the judges just can't see real talent when it's standing there shaking its boobs in their faces. oh well, better luck, uh, next time melissa r. i love you the most! LYL!

and yes, i did watch every episode of this show. what? them girlz can dance, yo!

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