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fast food is funny.

in case you haven't seen this yet, here's a nice little photo essay from my favorite blog on fast food: ads vs. reality

i would recommend looking at this before you eat. or maybe way after you eat. er.. hmm.

sneak peak:

Arby's Beef 'n' Cheddar

and so on. click here for more>

2 comments: said...

Yecchhh! I'm effing not eatin' no kind of fast food no mo'! Does In n Out Burger count? Please, dear Lord say "no". I'll die w/o a double double every once in a while. :sniff:

Anonymous said...

I saw this same story/website on another blog. I always knew that real fast food never looked the same as the ads, but I'm wondering why every single thing looks like it took a hard smoosh with a boot.