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merge dynamics

**survivor recap**
the merge episode is always one of the best of the season. this season’s merger dynamics were undoubtedly some of the best ever, considering two immunity idols are in play instead of just one.

i love the dramatic irony in this situation because we know so much that the contestants don’t know. for example, as far as the old moto is concerned, lisi was the only person on ravu who could have feasibly known about and found the idol. they have no idea that she was retarded enough to share the clues or that the tribe members on ravu were retarded enough to let THREE people in on the secret location or that OF ALL THE PEOPLE, mookie finds and thusly gets control of said immunity idol. (that is three strikes for ravu, if you’re keeping track.) seriously, MOOKIE? anyway.

the old ravu has no idea, obviously, that yau man has the idol and that he and earl are in a seemingly air-tight alliance. ravu’s resident idiot is retarded enough to bring dreamz into their alliance by REVEALING that he has the idol, much to the chagrin of ed & alex. MOOKIE! GAH!!! but ed & alex aren’t winning any brilliance contests themselves as they propose to bring stacey into the alliance, which is obviously NOT going to go over well with dreamz. nor mookie, for that matter. but the effects of this remain to be seen.

by the way – this would also have to go in the books as the worst merger celebration EVER, as the contestants soon learn that they are returning to a gutted moto island and NO FEAST awaits their newly formed tribe. so. sad.

so now that we’re all thoroughly confused, it’s time for an immunity challenge. except, as always, nothing is at it seems. the tribe is split in two, and it is revealed that only the losing sub-tribe will be going to council. also? they won’t get to talk to anyone on the other sub-tribe NOR amongst themselves to strategize. d’oh!

so the tribe with yau and earl wins, naturally (because they rock my face off) which means the tribe with dreamz, mookie, alex, michelle and stacey is off to fend for their lives.

this is where it gets dicey. alex actually plays jeff brilliantly by making it totally obvious and clear who he is going to vote for. mookie doesn’t get the memo (i have a feeling most of mookie’s life is this way) and ends up being the only “horseman” to vote against the alliance. *sigh*

anyway, sadly, my good friend michelle is sent packing which will definitely compromise my earl/yau alliance and keep me on the edge of my seat in the upcoming eps. and since that’s why i love this game... well, then, yay!

next week – mookie gets called out for the dumbass he is. F*CKING MOOKIE! ahh. in other news, dreamz is totally growing on me. who woulda thunk it!?


s.knights said...

yeah dreamz is a lot better than he originally appeared to be...i think i like him because he hated everyone i hated (lisi, rocky)...but that was a terrible move on his part to vote out michelle over stacy...he should have gotten stacy out then teamed with casandra, michelle yau-man and earl...

Anonymous said...

totally agree with ya mr. knight.