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i didn't know henry the 8th was so ...

so i watched episodes 1 & 2 of the tudors (on demand) last week while i was visiting my in-laws. i'm not going to recommend that YOU watch this show with YOUR in-laws unless you are in the habit of watching soft-core porn with your in-laws. which i'm not, turns out. but i'm not saying it was that awkward, since my in-laws are pretty freaking awesome, but it was a lot of soft-core sexy action that maybe, next time, i will opt to watch in the privacy of my own home.


anyway. obviously, it's more than just sexy time. there's some other stuff going on and apparently, it's getting good reviews. soooo i guess what i'm wondering is: is anyone that reads this here blargh watching that show? and then? do you like it? inquiring minds DO want to know.


s.knights said...

i watched the first episode it already, its the new rome

MNBird said...

I watched The Tudors, I enjoyed it. I like Jonathan Ryhs-Meyers. I think I will have to watch a few more episodes to make a more informed decision about how good the show is.

I also started watching some show called Blood Ties on the recommendation of a friend. One of the main characters in BT is a vampire called Henry who is the bastard son of Henry 8.

Anywho... if you blog about The Tudors, I will read it and comment.

How was your trip back to good old Minnesota? It snowed here yesterday into this morning. =)