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we didn't get home until past midnight on sunday night, so i didn't get to watch entourage until last night. i'm so glad this show is back. i just love it so.

so... where are we...

drama is emerging as a definite favorite of mine (and aaron's). he's totes hilar, and effortlessly so. i actually find him to be funny of the laugh-out-loud variety. a rare find.

then there's sweet little turtle, who somehow pulls off an ingenius birthday party situation for vince. sponsored by victoria's secret, carvel, skyy..... loves it. it was so wrong it was actually... right. i nearly spit out my water when they had vince pose with a bottle of skyy whilst blowing out his birthday candles. so great.

vince is just ehhhhh vince, as usual. he's a lot like a president - just a figurehead whose worth is extracted from the company he keeps. his loyal followers need him, but moreso because they need something to believe in more that they actually need him for him. knowwhutimsayin?

and then the lovely E. still has his "little man complex and wants to fight." but he seems so much more chill, for some reason. he's missing the E-fire a little. i was definitely wanting a little more sloan in this epi. love her.

and then there's the battle royale: ari vs. amanda. i'm totally rooting for ari. amanda is just kind of whatever and ari's so ari. LOVES ME SOME ARI. sorry amanda, but you gotsta go. i totally have faith that mr. gold's going to pull some TRUE GOLD right outta his arse.

it's gonna be a good time this season, i can taste it.

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