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totes addicted

during a recent flight to minneapolis from LAX, i found myself sans laptop (i had left it had home for the short weekend trip to ensure that i wouldn't do any work whilst on vacation) and i had somehow managed to forget to bring any reading material. i was desperate for some sort of entertainment, so i decided to check out the BrickBreaker game on my crackberry.

i can now officially admit that i'm hopelessly and shamelessly addicted to it.

i find myself sneaking it in whenever i have a moment of waiting time- anytime, anywhere. i've started to make up reasons for sneaking away just so i can get in a quick fix without anyone interupting me. it's defintely a problem. the good news is that i quit my job and when i leave they are going to want their company-issued crackberry back, so i guess i will have to just up and quit: cold turkey.

i'm a little sad though, you know? because yesterday i beat my personal best and i'm up to level 15 now with nearly 9000 points. (i know! AMAZING!)

but anyway. i wanted to know if i was alone in my addiction, and of course, it turns out, i'm defintely not. i totally feel better after reading this: Newest CEO Hurdle: BlackBerry Game Addiction. it also pleases me to no end that i've joined the ranks of some really important CEOs who share my affliction. (ps. watch the video, it's hilar. well, maybe only to BB addicts...)

next up on my to do list? convince my new employer that i'll be "so much more productive" if they hook up that crackberry, and pronto.

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