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so super cultured.

  • thursday night was japanese sushi from here & french wine
  • friday night was salsa dancing,cuban food and italian wine here
  • saturday is thai food from here with californian wine
  • sunday will be greek food at my friend's beach pad here

just thought i'd impress everyone with my cultural diversitado. diversitado is a word i just made up. i'm also an impressive linguist.

3 comments: said...

Dining out Thu-Sun, lucky you. Your restaurant choices are wonderful. They're 'Diversitado' (diversidad in disguise, right? lol)restaurant choices, indeed. I'm jealous because I've had left-over Trader Joe's Orange Chicken two nights in a row for dinner. So, not, 'diversitado'. sigh

rockinraquel said...

yum! give me some!

Liana said...

I can't believe you had Cuban food without me!!! :(

Oh well, next time....

PS: You missed Rage Against the Machine ...pretty f'ing awesome.