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inferno: on fire!?


you know it's going to be wild wacky season when someone gets punched in the face before the challenges even start.

what i don't understand is this: how did the cameras miss the part where CT goes up to Davis and punches him? Clearly, CT was ass-drunk (my favorite is when he throws faux punches at the camera man as he exits the bathroom) so why would they, FOR ANY MOMENT, take the cameras off of him? CT was totally a jar full of entertainment just on his own, so i just have to wonder where the cameras where when punches were thrown. this perplexes me so.

not that i enjoy watching gay guys getting punched in the face. i just enjoy reality people in general getting punched in the face. NO! i don't... however, i do think this was just davis' karma from that stupid stunt he pulled early in the real world:denver season with tyree. but! i digress.

no one deserves to be punched in the face like that.


anyway, if CT had to go, i'm glad derek "the bulldog" is in as his replacement. derek is just RW/RR challenge: personified. loves him.

and i guess it's just the standard newbie insecurity whining and vying for position and alumni ego clashing that it's always been, so, i guess, YAY!

it has the makings of a good season ... but my expectations are going to stay cautiously low becase i've been burned before, mr. inferno.

and if there's one thing about me, it's: i'm no dummy. (no comment)

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s.knight said...

its gonna be an amazing season...what a start, already a hate crime committed...what was up with johnnie consoling davis like that? I mean he only got punched in the face yet johnnie feels inclined to give him a hug in the closet? Then he closes the shades and davis goes i need a minute alone!

CT should not have gotten kicked off! He asked davis if he could take a punch and davis agreed, seems like a simple misunderstanding...

The bad asses are stacked but the good guys have the michael jordan of challenges in alton so thats gonna be interesting. Seems like he already takes out tyree considering they showed alton in every clip during the season preview after that episode...