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they're back! sweet baby jesus, they're back...

ok. first of all let’s just take a moment to toast the return of our favorite show. cheers, i’ll drink to that. *i’ll drink a few to that, yo*

**heroes recap**

so let’s see... where are we? bennett, parkman and radioactive ted are all being held captive by the eeeevil mr. roberts. roberts & friends decide to eff with bennett a little more, apparently, for shits & giggles by having our favorite shape shifter take on the role of “clare.” but bennett smells a rat, and by “rat” i mean “candice.” rat-like indeed. makes it hard to trust anyone, you know? bad deal. not fun.

anyway, magical mind powers allow bennett to “talk” to matt in a distant cell and he walks him through a pretty zesty escape plan. and by “zesty,” i’m talking “awesome.” matt ends up needing BitterTed’s help, but with a little power of ye olde persuasion, ted reluctantly succumbs to matt’s wiley charms and bingo bango, the three horseman have flown the coop. see ya, evil roberts, wouldn’t wanna be ya. now the plan is to take down the dastardly tracking system so they can roam the world a bit more freely, ya heard?

back at grandma mansion, clare’s getting an earful about picking a bad time/place to try and do a little family reunion action. you know, seeing how the world is about to go nuclear any day now, and all. clare is understandably emotional, and predictably teen-angsty about having to travel to stupid paris with her stupid grandma. life sucks! waa. but it gets a little worse when mohinder arrives at the door with peter’s corpse in like, a taxi.. i mean, and you thought YOU were having a bad day!? nathan gallops in soon after and acts appropriately emotional while grandma conspires inappropriately in the shadows. “i know peter’s dead and your long lost daughter is here, but you have an election to win, nathan. let’s try to stay focused here. FOCUS!!”

ohhh grams!

ps. peter lives, thanks to clare’s super-glass-shard-removal-skills. and his hair, post-death? AWESOME.

linderman continues to weave a very tangled web, first, by revealing that he can “heal things” which is a pretty handy power to have in cases where certain exploding mans might need to be revived after blowing up cities, but let’s not count our chickens before they are hatched. linderman has been collecting the artwork and/or crafting this whole scenario bit by bit. so i’m a little confused as to what comes first, the linderman or the exploding man? you know? like is he CREATING this whole thing, or is just following along, like us? [insert confusion here] and like, is he good or evil? [insert more confusion]

anyway, i guess he wants jessica to hand over micah for a very important “job” now that hana has gone AWOL (ps. where the hell is hana??) and since jessica suddenly has a conscience, she responds with a definitive “no” and shakes her booty on out of there. well, you know, whenever there’s trouble, candice is there on the double and so she hands over micah whilst wearing jessica’s shape, which i don’t happen to think is going to end well for candice. i don’t know. unless getting your arms & legs ripped off by a she-animal is a metaphor for things “ending well.”

other items of note:
  • sylar kills isaac. we may have seen it coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier to handle. stupid sylar.
  • Future Hiro and ando decide to try to find isaac (oblivious to the fact that he may have died five years ago) and run into Future Future Hiro, who, by the way, is looking mightly fine. or, at least, better than Past Future Hiro. it’s little bit awkward, i'm not going to lie.
  • i know i’m probably missing some other key moments, but this recap has become long to the point of ridiculum, so i will now open the heroes blargh forum for all two of your insightful insights and comments. so, what are you waiting for? ... GO.

1 comment: said...

Nice recap, Ms. Rubiquity!

I wanted Peter and Sylar's showdown to go on longer... like the whole show. So good! Sylar's glass-lifting-floaty thing was cool, but idiot Peter should have seen that glass was gonna be the death of him. Wait, he didn't see it coming because he was turned around when Sylar mind-threw the glass at him. Hmm. I wonder why Peter was looking the other way? Well, whatever. Peter's alive and that's all that matters.