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I got five on it

in lieu of writing any in-depth recaps of the numerous awesome shows i watched over the past week, i'm just going to give you my favorite moments...

1. whitney from the hills falls down the stairs on a live TV modeling segment (see it here)

2. michelle falls off a perch during a reward challenge on survivor ( here it is)

3. during a flashback on lost, they show that guy getting sucked into the plane's engine again. hilar.


4. natasha's photo shoot on america's next top model was pretty dope

5. yau man finds the immunity idol, and then creates a faux one and buries the fake to fool the others. possibly one of the best sequences i've ever seen on survivor. ever. i effing loves me some YAU!

and there ya go. top five brought to you by MOI, inc.

2 comments: said...

OUCH! Poor little Michelle. You know that sh!t had to hurt.

I effing loves me some 'sneaky' YAU too! (That sounds so naughty for some reason... lol) The whole fake II scene was evil genius at its finest. Yau makes Johnny Fairplay look like a p*ssy!

I was thinking Yau and Earl make such a great alliance that they seriously should have a reality show after Survivor ends. I'd watch that show with a quickness.

m.sizzle said...

love that whitney...