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survivor rocks.

it just does. i’m really sad that i’m not going to be on it next season. i would have kicked some major ass, you know? not to brag, but i would have. it’s totally easy to say that now that i know i’m not going to be cast (but whatever).

there’s something pretty magical about watching yau and earl these days. it conjurs up feelings of last season’s yul/ozzy razzle/dazzle. almost, but not quite. no one PHYSICALLY played the game like ozzy, in my opinion. and also? no one has had better hair. it’s important to have good hair in this game. and no one, NO ONE is as ripped as YUL. 'nuff said.

anyway, earl OWNED the reward/dance competition whilst yau freaking OWNED the immunity/bullseye challenge. i’m not going to say i was actually clapping and raising the roof while i watched, but, um, i was clapping and (maybe a little bit) raising the roof.

this season is almost going too well at this point. for instance: last week i was like, i’d love to see rocky shut the eff up. suddenly? rocky’s toast. this week i was like, if lisi leaves in a cloud of dust, i’ll eat this hot tamale off the floor. consider that hot tamale: eaten. mmmm hot tamales.

so anyway, i sometimes have magical moments during survivor where i’m like wow, it just really doesn’t get much better than this, does it? and i turn to whomever is in the room with me with a sh*t-eating grin on my face and i say as such and then realize shortly thereafter: i’m being ridiculous. but!? it doesn’t matter. because at THAT moment? it doesn’t get any better than that. it just doesn’t get any better.

speaking of those moments, i had that during the amazing race a week ago when i realized that the midget/cousin team was kicking some SEVERE ass and it was such a mind-blowing coup that i honestly sat there, slack-jawed for more than twenty minutes pondering the awesomeness of it all while aaron had to clean my drool up off the floor. i was THAT in awe of the awesomeness.

hey! i’m going to start a new saying for myself.

"i put the awe in awesomeness."

don’t be jealous.

it’s at this point that i realize the quantity of wine that i’ve had divided by the amount of food i’ve had multiplied by the idea that tomorrow morning i’m off to ski for the first time in 16 years has made me DELIRIOUS. and, as such, i’m making like a baby and heading the eff out.


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m.sizzle said...

'awe'some recap...

lisi might be one of the most annoying people ive ever seen on tv (rocky not that far off either)...i like what lisi says when shes writing down her vote, something like "its time to grow up and get a real name dreamz" yet she goes by LISI!?!?!