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i'm on vacation until the 16th after today, so on many, many levels, today is effing awesome.

some reasons why:
  • arrived at work and there was a cute little holiday bag of GHIRADELLI & LINDOR chocolate sitting on my desk courtesy of my lovely analyst [he's a GEM]
  • chocolate for breakfast, b*tches
  • i got an email from a client that included the compliment "you're like a ninja"
  • i just got done helping a fellow co-worker with something and he quipped, "i'm so glad you're smart." and my reply was "i'm so glad you think so."
  • aaron finally flies home from MN today (he stayed a few extra days than originally planned)
  • free lunch ME
  • my parents arrive from MN a few hours later
  • i have reservations at our favorite tapas and BYOW joint tonight
  • it's our 16-year anniversary of dating
  • it's tuesday but it FEELS like friday

aw, yeah.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you 2