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how'd you get here?

a snapshot of recent keywords that ultimately led some very interesting people (no doubt) to this here blargh.

47.93% lolthom
7.44% office holiday games
5.79% office holiday party games
4.96% hiphopapotamous
2.48% kroq choclet rain
2.48% what is lolthom
1.65% rubiquity
1.65% blargh relegated!
1.65% craving horseradish
1.65% lemonic
0.83% prison break bleeps
0.83% is kibble n bits unhealthy]
0.83% poo toy
0.83% office holiday game
0.83% rhymenocerous and the hiphopapotamous
0.83% kevin and bean don't bogart that joint
0.83% papa smurf video i feel good
0.83% office holiday party ideas, games
0.83% the opposite of trust is not trust
0.83% claire's dad killed nathan
0.83% jennifer garner
0.83% subway fiesta sub
0.83% hiphopapotamous and rhymenocerous
0.83% keep it to the knees
0.83% michael c. hall
0.83% lolthom means

interesting, no?


The Angry Georgian said...

Yes, intriguing. Mine are mostly to do with the laptop I bought. The good thing is, I'm averaging 80 hits a day now!

Maddy said...

lolthom in the lead