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my man got MONK'D

ok. so i had a party, naturally, to celebrate aaron's official "TV DEBUT!" it was small-ish because the man of honor was not actually in the state, you know. but it was nice.

the facts are these:

  • i braved bristol farms ALL BY MYSELF and procured three varieties of cheese! olive tapenade! a rustic bread loaf! three different kinds of wine! exotic vegetable "chips"!, sugar free red bull! fancy bottles of water! holiday blend coffee!!.... [normally, i have to admit, i'm a little intimidated by Bristol Farms. 1) because it's RIDICULOUSLY expensive 2) fancy people shop there and 3) it's RIDICULOUSLY expensive. however! when celebrating such things as Your Husband's TeeVee Debut, no expenses should be spared.]
  • the guest list included: my brother-in-law and his wife; newly-engaged jamie & johnny; newly-living-in-sin liana & tal and, of course, eddie the wonder roommate.
  • aaron's performance was: outstanding. he looks AMAZING on the "small" screen
  • i have a STELLAR WINE BUZZ
  • i am so proud

i think, for now, that just about sums it up. however. a little math problem for you:

5 bottles of wine + 1 aaron coming home on sunday + 2 parents arriving in town on tuesday on our 16-year dating anniversary =


please leave your short essay answers in the comment form below.

cheers, b*tches.


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mnbird said...

16 years together... wow! Congrats on that and on Aaron's debut. From the parts I saw he did a great job. Looked like a natural camera man. ;) I had been watching Elf while cleaning when Monk came on and happened to see him. As you know, because I was a geek and emailed you at that address on your blog. =) It is good to see the home town boys do well in their dream jobs. First big brother J and now Aaron. Best of luck to both of you and I hope you have a good time with the rents whilst they're in town.

The Angry Georgian said...

Fuck! I forgot!