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when going back to work is actually relaxing

so it's been 6 non-stop days of entertaining and being entertained. can i tell you that i was actually excited to come into work today because it meant i wasn't going to have to

a) thing of creative/fun things to do
b) eat too much food
c) spend too much money
d) think

haha, that last part is funny. i actually DO have to think today. like, a lot. but at least it involves things that i'm used to and/or good at thinking about rather than TRYING TO BE CREATIVE AND ENTERTAINMENT MINDED EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE.

yeah, i like this "work" thing.

in all seriousness, i had THE BEST VACATION. i'm very sad it's over. my parents and in-laws all ROCK and the fact that they can party together is a very, very cool thing.

also? i think the new CRANIUM WOW! board game might be the best invention since twister. i know, bold move, but i think it to be so.

moer updates/anecdotes to come. that is, if you CAN HANDLE IT.


Maddy said...

I've had Cranium (with expansion pack) for years and never even opened it.

The Angry Georgian said...

I'm loving this week. There's next to nothing to do, but just enough to keep me from going nuts from boredom. Friday's my last day till January 2nd. I almost don't know what to do with myself.

Stephanie said...

Cranium Wow? Never heard of it, but I LOOOOVE Cranium! Sounds like a wonderful vacation, despite the stress of entertaining people.

Pretty Lush said...


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Glad you had such a nice vacation - I love Cranium - I will have to get the newer one :)