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last night my co-worker KB and i attended the juno premiere in westwood. KB had never been to a Red Carpet Premiere before, and after getting rejected by (1) my husband and (2) another co-worker, i asked him to be my +1.

ps. he was THRILLED.

i had already seen an industry screening of the movie, but i wanted to see it again wearing a black dress and sparky jewelry, um, so i did.

the energy was awesome, you could tell everyone that made this movie was really proud of it and it's already been nominated for a bunch of awards, so that makes it extra fun. because nothing sucks more than going to a premiere for a bad movie.

anyway, we were treated to a live mini-concert immediately following the film courtesy of the moldy peaches . it was too cute.

then, we were off to the after-party where we positioned ourselves in the middle of all the hobnobbing, between jk simmons, ellen page, allison janey, sarah silverman, jimmy kimmel and rainn wilson. we just slithered in and made ourselves comfortable.

KB was on a mission to obtain himself a celebrity girlfriend (top choice: jennifer garner), but alas, it was not meant to be. not meant to be LAST NIGHT, that is. but KB is young, he's got time on his side. and a healthy dose of confidence, so go KB!

after an hour or so, things started winding down and we decided to end the evening just before our car turned back into a pumpkin.

to summarize: awesome cast, great film. go see juno tomorrow (in NY & LA) and, eventually, nationwide....

see pics of the stars on the red carpet: here

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Michael Bluth, George Michael and Sydney Bristow together on the big screen! I'm so there when it comes to my neck of the woods.

c-kat said...

I read the script in October and throught it was fantastic - esp. the dialogue. Can't wait to see it on screen.

The Angry Georgian said... dress. :D